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two-at-a-time course schedule 

With flexibility and a commitment to high standards and quality, Upper Iowa’s academic year consists of six 8-week sessions. This unique schedule allows students to register for only two courses most sessions and still graduate in four years.

Two-At-A-Time Course Schedule 

While students may register for more classes during each 8-week session, UIU's unique two-at-a-time course schedule allows you more time to master your studies and fully experience life on campus. Better yet - you can still graduate in four years. 

  • Four 8-week sessions with an optional May session
  • Allow for higher comprehension and achievement by concentrating on fewer classes at one time
  • Additional time for activities outside of the classroom
  • Graduate in 4 years

2016-17 Academic Calendar

Term 1 Break Term 2 Winter Break Term 3 Term 4  Spring Break
Aug 22 - Oct 16 Oct 17 - Oct 23 Oct 24 - Dec 18  Dec 19 - Jan 8  Jan 9 - Mar 5  Mar 6 - May 7   Mar 20 - Mar 26 

EXAMPLE: One-Year Schedule 

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 May Term (Optional)
(2 Credits)
(3 Credits)
(3 Credits)
(3 Credits)
(3 Credits)
Biology/Biology Lab
(4 Credits)
(3 Credits)
(3 Credits)
(3 Credits)
(3 Credits)
1st Semester
(15 Credits)
2nd Semester
(12 Credits)
May Term
(3 Credits)

Day of a Student at UIU

Taylor | Marketing and Management | Senior | Manchester, IA

8:30 AM: Get ready for class
9:30 AM: Breakfast at the Servery in the Student Center
10:30 AM: Corporate Finance Class
11:30 AM: Macroeconomics
1:30 PM: Lunch at the Servery in the Student Center
2:30 PM: Peacocks for Progress Meeting
3:30 PM: Work Study - Office of Admissions
4:30 PM: Exercise at the Recreation Center
5:30 PM: Group Project
6:30 PM: Supper at the Servery in the Student Center
7:30 PM: Guest Hypnotist in the Student Center
8:30 PM: Laundry
9:30 PM: Gamma Delta Phi Sorority Meeting
10:30 PM: Hang out in the dorm
11:30 PM: Sleep