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University Policy Definition: Except as limited by law, University Policy is a course or principle of action broadly applied across the institution in an effort to 1) Support the University's strategic direction, 2) Mitigate risk, 3) Improve operational efficiency, and 4) Promote a culture of best practices.

Disclosure: Please reference each section below to find the appropriate policy you are looking for.  Also, we recommend that you use the search bar to specifically search for the policy you are looking for.

*UIU is in the process of converting our procedures into policies by going through the correct approval structure*

Recently Approved Policies

104: Human Subject Application Policy

106: Repeat Courses Policy

204: Compensation for Enrollments Policy

503: Web Accessibility and Compliance Policy

601: Code of Ethical Conduct Policy

Section 100: Academic and Faculty Policies

100: Adjunct Teaching and Activity Policy

101: University Excused Absences and Make-Up Work Policy

102: University Staff Teaching Policy

103: Animals on Campus Policy

104: Human Subject Application Policy

105: Standards for Academic Standing (SAS) Policy

106: Repeat Courses Policy

Section 200: Business and Finance Policies

200: Federal Satisfactory Academic Policy (SAP) Policy 

201: University Book Charge Policy

202: Post-Issuance Compliance Policy

203: University Tuition Refund Policy

204: Compensation for Enrollments Policy

Business Office Procedures

Bankers Trust PCard Procedure

Purchasing Procedure

Accounts Payable Payment Procedure

Travel Procedure

Section 300: Human Resources Policies

300: Bloodborne Pathogen Policy

301: Graduate Tuition Remission Policy

302: Whistleblower Policy

Human Resources Procedures

Discrimination and Equal Employment Procedure

Employee Dell Discount Procedure

Employee Leave Procedure

Employment of Disabled Workers and Veterans

Hiring Procedure

Job Shadowing Procedure

Outside Employment Procedure

Professional Development Procedure

Graduate Assistant Procedure

Sexual Abuse and Molestation Prevention Procedure

Student Employment Procedure

Telecommuting Procedure

Tobacco Free Policy Procedure

UIU Solicitation Procedure

Whistleblower Procedure

Workplace Violence Procedure

Section 400: Facilities and Safety Policies

400: University Federal Clery Act Compliance Policy

Section 500: Information Technology Policies

500: Acceptable Use Policy

501: File Sharing

502: Email Policy

503: Web Accessibility and Compliance Policy

Information Technology Procedures

New Employee Account Creation Procedure

Relocating Employee Procedure

Separating Employee Procedure

Email Distribution Lists Procedure

Telephone System Procedure

Procurement Procedure

Account Password Procedure

Account Lifecycle Management Procedure

Local Administrative Rights Procedure

Zoom.us Operating Procedure

Section 600: Ethics and Records Policies

600: University Official Transcript Acceptance Policy

601: Code of Ethical Conduct Policy

Section 700: Student Life & International Education Policies

700: Health Insurance Policy for UIU Students

701: International Risk Management Policy

702: University Residency Requirement Policy

703: Substance Abuse Policy and Guidelines

704: Tobacco Free Policy